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Concrete Paving

Carollton Paving Pros - Concrete Paving

Concrete paving and asphalt paving are two sides of the same coin. While they are similar in their end goal, the two products couldn’t be more different. 

Even when you look at the colors of the two products, there is a distinct contrast, almost night versus day. 

Those differences aside though, with both materials you get a pliable, resilient product which is tough enough to withstand a lot of damage. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages and Carrolton Paving Pros would be happy to walk you through which product is best for you. 


Why Choose Concrete?

Concrete is a solid choice for paving for multiple reasons. 

First, the cost of a concrete paving installation is much lower than other types of paving — brick or cobblestone, for instance. For those of a green outlook, concrete carries the significant additional advantage of not being harmful to the environment. 

It’s also ridiculously tough. Taken care of properly and in optimal conditions, concrete paving can stay structurally sound for half a century. 


How To Properly Care For Your Concrete

Some of the biggest aggravators and degraders of a concrete surface are temperature fluctuation and chemical erosion. 

Freeze and thaw cycles do the most damage over time to concrete, as moisture that gets trapped within the porous surface will expand and contract, eventually causing destabilization and erosion. Areas with more frequent seasonal changes have to replace their concrete surfaces more frequently. 

Salt can also have a significant impact, and exacerbate the erosion process, even if the ice melt or salt you purchased claims to be concrete safe. There is no such thing as concrete safe salt!


Ease Of Installation / Time To Cure

Concrete is one of the best products to use when time is of the essence. Concrete can cure in as short as 6 hours, if the weather is agreeable. The ease of deployment, combined with the long life cycle, means that concrete is the absolute best product to use to reduce the impact to the community.


Safety Is Paramount

Concrete doesn't wear away or deform under heat and pressure, which is a huge safety benefit. In addition, concrete is a lot easier to see at night, whereas asphalt is significantly darker. Increased visibility and rigidity are two great reasons to choose concrete for your next major paving project.

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