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Asphalt Sealcoating


Subject to prolonged exposure, the elements can begin to wear away at the natural resiliency of any material, and asphalt is no exception.

In order to help curb this slow and often unnoticeable degradation, asphalt can be sealcoated to prevent water and chemical penetration, along with UV damage. 

It’s only going to work as an option if you’re existing asphalt area isn’t deeply damaged, but for small patching and ongoing maintenance, sealcoating is about the most cost effective and fast ways out there to rejuvenate your asphalt paving. 


How Long Does A Sealcoat Last?

This is where the quality of application makes the world of difference. A properly applied sealcoat can last you up to 4 years, but if the application is done unevenly or carelessly, you may not see more than a year’s benefit. 

It boils down to good equipment and attention to detail. Carrolton Paving Pros are asphalt paving specialists, meaning you can trust us to be well equipped to provide a top quality sealcoat which will maintain the appearance and integrity of your asphalt paving for several years. 


Water Runoff Options

New technology in asphalt manufacturing has led to the onset of porous asphalt paving material. This version of asphalt allows water to run through it with ease while maintaining its strength. 

By allowing the water to run through it and not pool and shed, water is returned to the water table in a more natural and diffused manner. This is not only better for your yard and the surrounding flora, but it will help prevent standing water, erosion, and will help increase moisture distribution throughout your property.


Recycling Old Asphalt

Not many people are aware that asphalt can be recycled! The asphalt we rip up and haul away is able to be reprocessed into fresh, new asphalt, which is great for the environment. 


Reclaim That All Important Street Appeal!

Appearances count. This is as true of your home as it is of a business premises. One of the first things anyone sees approach any venue is its paving. Good quality asphalt sends just the right first impression, and a good quality sealcoat is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to achieve that. 

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