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Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Carollton Paving Pros - Asphalt and Concrete Repair

Most people wouldn’t hesitate to get their house repainted if it was looking a bit shabby or down in the dumps. But with concrete or asphalt, people often hold off, worried about the hassle and expense.

Carrolton Paving Pros can repair any asphalt and concrete damage, making it look as good as new — and in the majority of cases, provided your damage isn’t too far advanced, concrete and asphalt repairs can be done quickly and cost effectively. A repair is going to be a lot less inexpensive than a full replacement. 

The key is to get to it early! 

Here are some of the concrete and asphalt repair services we can provide. 


Cracks, Weeds And Other Damage

Moisture and root systems are public enemy number one (and two) when it comes to driveway damage. 

While the bad news with weed and root damage is that it’s hard to prevent, the good news is that we can fix, patch and remediate the damage when it’s done. We can also modify your installation so that it is as vegetation resistant as possible. 

Cracks in asphalt or concrete can occur for any number of reasons. The secret to getting a great repair is to fix the underlying issue first, and that’s exactly what we do. Once the reason for your cracked paving is resolved, we’ll then apply a seamless patch so that it blends into your existing paving. 


Cost-Effective Repairs

Carrolton Paving Pros will typically be able to offer multiple solutions to a problem, giving you a range of alternatives at different price points. 

We’ve been in the paving business for a long time and we have the equipment, skills, and materials to tackle any paving problem. 


Best Options For Every Homeowner

We understand that the look of your home is important. We won’t just repair and mend your concrete job with a quick fix. Our goal will be to restore both the structure and the look of your home. So, if you’re looking for a bump in your curb appeal, can definitely help.  

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